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Our apprenticeship concept

Start your career with us and benefit from our diverse apprenticeship concept. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary skills for a successful start in the world of work during your apprenticeship. On the one hand there is professional training in various areas of our company. It is particularly important to us that you gain insights into all aspects of our company, in order to understand the interconnections in a sustainable way and thus look outside the box. On the other hand, we would like to further develop you personally. It is very important to us to expand and improve your own toolbox of social skills, methodological and practical abilities in order to provide you with possible solutions for various challenges. During your apprenticeship, we offer a variety of training courses and coaching sessions, which are designed to be very practice-oriented.

Project work: Social commitment for our region

Social responsibility and voluntary commitment for our region are particularly important to us. We therefore support regional organisations. This gives you the opportunity to apply your strengths and passion in meaningful and exciting projects and thus continuously develop your soft skills. With our project assignments you can realize your creative ideas in reality and take on more and more responsibility for your projects. You will make a very important contribution to the social well-being of Cologne and the surrounding area and you will be able to gain important experience for your daily work through the challenging questions within the course of the project work and apply it directly in a practical way.

Your Benefits


Internship abroad

Our daily challenges are on international levels. Every day we deal with people from different cultures. This is why intercultural sensitivity and sensitivity to diversity are extremely important to us. During your apprenticeship or dual studies you will have the opportunity to complete a stay abroad. Our educational partners have many years of experience with stays abroad during the apprenticeship period. Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union, you have the opportunity to receive a scholarship via very good achievements and thus extensive financial and administrative support for your stay abroad. Our educational partners are networked with a large number of international universities and can thus give valuable tips on the selection of the right location.

Takeover guarantee after graduation

During your apprenticeship or dual studies, you will receive continuous feedback on your performance and how you can improve yourself. For an overall assessment we use a ranking tool which includes various aspects of your performance. These are ratings from the individual apprenticeship fields, grades from the vocational school or dual college and achievements in the IHK mid-term and final examinations. In addition, the so-called “general commitment“ is regularly assessed for all trainees/dual students. This is about your commitment in voluntary project work and your general behavior in our team. At the end of the apprenticeship period, we form a final grade from all partial performances. If this final grade is better than 1.9, you will receive an indefinite employment contract after successfully graduating. If your final grade is above 1.9, you will initially receive a fixed-term employment contract for 12 months and thus have the chance to convince us that we cannot proceed without you.

Our apprenticeship parnters


Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW Mannheim)

Theory and practice successfully combined: The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) offers an attractive concept of study that is oriented towards the real conditions and requirements of the job market and companies. The DHBW in Mannheim is one of the largest and best-known institutions for dual studies in Germany. Its 40-year success is based on the close integration of theory and practice, small course sizes, scientific studies at the university and professional experience in the partner companies. The benchmark for this practice-integrating concept of success is the above-average rate of employability: 80 to 90 percent of all students are taken on directly as permanent employees after graduation.

Joseph DuMont-Berufskolleg Cologne

The Joseph-DuMont-Berufskolleg (JDBK) is one of the most renowned vocational colleges in the surrounding area of Cologne for trade, media and law. Located on Escher Strasse in the Bilderstöckchen district, the school campus has many green spaces and pleasant surroundings. With its school philosophy, the JDBK has set itself the goal of enabling self-organised learning with media support in a healthy school.

Our trainees (wholesale and export salesmen) are trained at the JDBK. The classes are in series of blocks. During the apprenticeship three vocational school blocks of 15 weeks each have to be completed (primary classes, junior classes & senior classes)