The Medical CNBS Pharma GmbH As an independent wholesaler, we are specialized in the distribution
of pharmaceutical cannabinoid-based medicines.

The Medical CNBS® Pharma GmbH

The Medical CNBS Pharma GmbH as a pharmaceutical importer, manufacturer and wholesaler is specialised in the distribution of high quality medical cannabis products to pharmacies as well as to other circles of experts in Germany. A broad portfolio of medical products for the application of cannabinoids plus accessory items for further processing and storage of medical cannabis complement the selection of Medical CNBS. To achieve this, we are working in a network with international partners to permanently enhance our services by the latest scientifc findings.

Our aim is to ensure a reliable and service-oriented care for patients with high quality medicines and thereby to sustainably improve the quality of life of people. For that purpose, we act daily in accordance to our customers needs to optimise our processes continuously. The framework conditions of the pharmaceutical cannabis market are undergoing an extensive transfortmation. By our constant global research activities our team is permanently in exchange with different experts from the industry. Hereby we always act up to date so that we are able to react dynamically and professionally to ongoing trends.

Customer Satisfaction

The customer is key: customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities. All our actions are always orientated towards the needs of our customers in order to ensure and continuously improve optimal processes. For all patients we would like to do our best to improve quality of life and well-being.

Independence & Expertise

The Medical CNBS works completely independent and legally independent. We are exclusively specialized in medical cannabis products and offer expertise for all facets of this industry. We are committed to providing comprehensive, sustainable and targeted advice to doctors, pharmacists and other professionals.

Our Team

A young team of people with different abilities characterises the Medical CNBS. Each individual is always curious and hungry for something new. It is our special concern to continually develop our employees professionally and personally in line with their individual needs. In this way, we always stay well informed and use in-depth research results to sustainably improve our processes and always ensure the best service for our customers.

Cologne: Business location & metropolis with heart

The headquarter of Medical CNBS is located in Cologne-Deutz at the right side of the Rhine. Cologne is one of the most important business locations in Germany. The economic structure of the megacity is accordingly diversified so that prominent companies from different industries can be found in Cologne. Next to the outstanding infrastructural conditions Cologne is especially characterized by its ideal location and perfect logistics.

Open-minded and full of joie de vivre – “Kölsch“ way of life completes the hard facts concerning the location and makes Cologne a livable and colorful home. People from over 180 nations and over 250 different cultures represent the city as an extremely open-minded metropolis, which distinguishes itself by tolerance, vitality and a pronounced welcoming culture. Life is pulsating in Cologne. All these attributes combine also in our team: As these lead to local responsbility and living individuality of our corporate culture.

Status quo & vision


Our values: What defines us


First-class product quality

Our products originate exclusively from established manufacturers who produce according to the world’s highest GMP standards and are correspondingly certified. Our quality assurance department continuously checks compliance with these standards.

Our range of services

We offer you a huge amount of several services.

Highest quality demands

Together with our strong partners, we ensure daily service-oriented care of patients with high-quality medical cannabis products. We continuously develop our processes on the basis of empirical research results in order to be a reliable and competent partner for our customers at all times. Absolute precision and safety are our top priorities along the entire supply chain.