Medical Cannabis

Standardized medical cannabis varieties Highest quality from GMP certified production partners
with a consistent cannabinoid and terpene profile.



Wir sind im Game!

Ja, es ist endlich so weit! Wir sind froh, unseren Patienten den ersten Produkt-Launch anzukündigen. In den letzten Wochen haben wir nicht nur in unseren KEjF.Talks auf YouTube über viele wichtige Themen gesprochen, sondern uns auch weiterhin auf die Reise gemacht, um die richtigen Blüten für Euch zu finden. Wir freuen uns daher sehr, diese guten Nachrichten jetzt verkünden zu können: unser brandneues KEjF.Kultivar ist ab sofort über Eure Apotheken erhältlich.

Frosted Fruit Cake.


Am Start:
Frosted Fuit Cake.

Wir sind happy, dass auch unsere Eigenmarke CNBS ihr erstes Produkt auf den Markt bringt. Die lange Vorbereitung und intensive Arbeit unseres Teams hat Früchte getragen, denn das Kultivar ist ab sofort in der Apotheke erhältlich. Natürlich wird es nicht der letzte Produkt-Launch von CNBS sein. Stay tuned!



Sweet News!

We are celebrating the great success of our first two cultivars with our community and are proud to launch another KEjF.cultivar White Runtz Menthol. Further KEjF.Talk updates coming soon.



KEjF. blossoms!

We have searched hard for the best flowers, and we are overjoyed to introduce you to our brand new KEjF. Kultivar to you: Siggis Kirsche. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic community, without whom none of this would be possible. Together we make KEjF. something special. And by the way, the next KEjF.Talk is already in the starting blocks - be ready and let yourself be carried away on this exciting journey!



It goes on!

Following the sensational success of our first product launch, we are proud to present the second cultivar of our exclusive own brand CNBS: Gelonade.

Medical cannabis flos

The drugs distributed by the Medical CNBS consist of the whole, dried flower of the hemp plant. The regulations of the Narcotics Law provide for a ban on advertising narcotics – also as a medicine. Cannabis is assigned to Annex III of the Narcotics Law. For this reason, we are not allowed to give any public information about these products or advertise them. Violations of this prohibition are a criminal act.

Experts are very welcome to ask our team of experts for comprehensive advice on all questions relating to medical cannabis products. You will also find detailed information for doctors and pharmacists as well as our online shop in the restricted area of our website. For this you need an individual login. We look forward to getting in touch with you!


Unique quality through GMP-certified manufacturing partners.

Safety and security

Meticulous monitoring of our pharmaceuticals along the entire supply chain.

Scientific nature

International networking with established circles of experts in order to continuously develop our services according to well-founded scientific knowledge.


A clear communication and absolute transparency in our processes are our hallmarks.


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