Medical cannabis: New special PZN since April 2019

News 1

Since 1 April 2019, new special codes have been in force for the billing of cannabinoids and cannabinoid formulations for pharmacists. The new indicators have been included in Technical Annex 1 to the Drug Settlement Agreement. Technical Annex 1 to the Agreement on the Transfer of Data in the Framework of Drug Accounting pursuant to Section 300 of the German Social Code (SGB V) previously listed three special PZNs for cannabis preparations. Since April 1, 2019, version 31list five.

According to this, now only preparations from cannabis blossoms are to be accounted under the special PZN 06460665. Until now this PZN was generally valid for cannabis-containing recipes. Two new special numbers will be added: For cannabinoid-containing substances or ready-to-use medicines in preparations, PZN 06460748 must now be used. Substances containing cannabinoids in their unchanged state are covered by the special PZN 06460754.

Cannabis blossoms in unchanged state will continue to be charged with PZN 06460694. For cannabinoid-containing ready-to-use medicines without PZN, PZN 06460671 continues to apply.

An overview of the special codes valid since April 2019:

Cannabis blossoms in preparations

Cannabis blossoms in unaltered state

Substances containing cannabinoids or ready-to-use medicinal products in preparations

Substances containing cannabinoids in unaltered state

Ready-to-use medicinal products containing cannabinoids without pharmaceutical central number

In addition, the DAP work aids on cannabis blossoms and cannabinoids were updated on 1 April 2019: